Saturday 13 February 2010

Up the Reds ...

Moira and I decided red was the colour to choose this month in view of Valentine's Day, although the photos have taken on a somewhat orange hue.

You'll appreciate that it is the same subject-matter in all these photos, but it wasn't easy to pick the best.

Once again we've tried to pick at least one item from each dealer.

There are numerous reddish pieces of furniture at Dairy House this week, including a red leather buttonback 2-seater sofa, a similar wing chair; a set of 6 balloon-back dining chairs with red upholstered seats and a couple more items which I'll hopefully photograph tomorrow and add to this post.

We're planning a green theme for the next photo shoot - hopefully to coincide with Spring ... the first green shoots and all that ...

Monday 8 February 2010

A Little Bit of What's Available at Dairy House This Week ...

The photos have got the better of me, have a mind of their own and have chosen where they, themselves, would like to be within this post. That doesn't have much bearing on the views of the management, but I'll just go along with what's here in the order in which it comes. It'll be good exercise - ground floor, first floor, cheese room, first floor, ground floor and so on. All those stairs - I'll be so fit!!

So first off is this gorgeous little teaset. Not sure of its origins, but it's price tag won't break the bank. It's under £20.

A painted marriage chest like the one above was on one of the antiques shows one afternoon last week. Not sure which one, but I caught sight of it and realised it was very similar to this one.

The picture below would make a good Valentine's gift perhaps.

Two photos from the first floor - I love round tables - and a mirror encased in antique embroidery work.

I love the 3 wonderful paper panels tucked away on the ground floor. This is just a small portion of one of the panels. They are each about 2½ feet wide and at least 6 ft tall. If only our ceilings were high enough and our rooms large enough to hang these ... but they're not!

French Toile screen and an ostrich feather fan.

Painted canework and upholstered chair with open arms, and matching stool.

A selection of paintings and prints.

Rugs and a few choice small furniture items.

That's it for now, but all these items are current stock in case there is a "must have".

More soon!