Sunday 30 August 2009

It would appear that we have a write-up in the Antiques Trade Gazette - the weekly newspaper for dealers. I didn't realise it was in, but have been told by several people at Shepton Flea today that there was an article. One of them kindly emailed me the article. If you click on it you should be able to read it. It's not quite what I said to the journalist in my email to her, but I suppose it hits the spot, although I would like to think we were a bit bigger than a small antiques centre!! (Shame about the numerous typographical errors)

I forgot to charge up the camera battery so it'll be another 24 hours or so before I can post photos of the Cheese Room in all its glory, looking as if it's spent its whole life displaying antiques! Liz will be posting photos of her space on The Washerwoman soon, but I shall endeavour to take some pics tomorrow.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Done ... and Dusted ...

Floor cleaned (thanks Moira), white edging painted on the steps, temporary covering over window shutters (no-one will notice when the furniture's in). Isn't it a shame about those areas of concrete on the floor where someone, sometime, needed to dig down for pipes or somesuch. However, once the furniture is in situ I'm sure we won't notice them. I can't believe it's all done. We left a couple of things in there this evening which will be moved out of the way tomorrow, but all the hard work is done and I, for one, am ready for a very early night!! I'm sure there'll be something I've forgotten, but the far end will be filled with Hossack & Gray's furniture tomorrow, followed by Sandie Lewis's and Martin Bull's over the next few days. Once Hossack & Gray have vacated their space upstairs, Liz and Jack will be moving in (on Saturday). Hopefully everyone will have their spaces all shipshape and Bristol fashion by 1 September ... let the fun begin!

Nearly There ...

These were taken at the weekend. I'll be taking more photos today as we have ... finished! Just the floor to clean this afternoon and dealers will be moving in from tomorrow. What a relief!!!

Thursday 20 August 2009

Home Strait

Pics to be added later or in next post. Just thought you'd like to know that we're nearly there and the game of musical dealer space will take place on Thursday/Friday/Saturday next week, ready for all to be organised (???) on 1 September.

Liz van Hasselt filled 2 cabinet shelves with goodies today - she'll be blogging them soon, and she and Mr Washerwoman will be bringing in lots more goodies to fill their space on the top floor on Saturday 29 August after the present incumbent moves downstairs to the Cheese Room.

I have 2 more large RSJs and 2 small ones to paint, which I hope to get done on Monday/Tuesday, and Mr Vintage to Victorian titivated a few areas of dodgy emulsion and painted the area of bare concrete by the entrance with floor paint this afternoon. There are a few other tiddly bits to do, but I'm hoping all that will need doing on Wednesday is scrubbing that gorgeous floor.

I'll endeavour to photograph the finished, empty room before showing you the end result filled with dealers' stock.

Saturday 15 August 2009

A Quick Tour ...

As promised in my last post on Vintage to Victorian, here are the other photos I took in the shop on Thursday - just to give you an idea of what's on offer at the moment.

And just in case you feel like visiting, but don't know where we are ... here are the directions!

I'll add some more when I have a spare minute or two, but for the time being it's back to the paintbrushes as time's running out ...

Saturday 8 August 2009


Since these latest photos I have spent another 3 hours achieving. I reckon there's about 6 hours' painting left to do to the walls and ceiling, to be followed by painting the beams and the windows. Then it's a case of clear the room, scrub the floor and off we go ...

Moira (our book dealer) and I spent an hilarious few hours with me on the scaffold and she on the stepladder chatting and working. You achieve so much more if there's someone to chat to. We were pleased with our afternoon's work and we're delighted with the progress. Won't be long now ...
Update: Now that she has posted some pics etc on her blog, I am at liberty to say that one of the new dealers joining us at Dairy House is Busy Lizzie, aka The Washerwoman. So exciting ...