Friday, 24 August 2012

First Sunday Brocantes and Other Stories


Over the next few months we will be trialling our First Sunday Brocantes. On the First Sunday of every month we are holding a Brocante-style event under the covered verandah at Dairy House during our normal Sunday opening hours of 11.00 am to 4.00 pm. The space will be filled with all sorts of goodies with a themed feel to each event. Our August First Sunday had a garden theme. September's First Sunday will be textile-related, although there will, of course, be plenty of other items on offer.

Do come along if you can. Inclement weather will not be a problem, but if you prefer to check before setting out, please telephone 01747 853317.

We look forward to seeing you


Starting in September (date to be confirmed) we shall be offering tea, coffee and Honeybuns gluten-free cakes on a daily basis. Again, this will be for a trial period but we are hoping that it is something we will be able to continue and, like Topsy, it will grow to enable our customers to fully enjoy the Dairy House Experience!


Over the last few months we have welcomed several new dealers. All seems to be going well for everyone and we are so pleased with the way Dairy House has continued to stay busy despite all the talk of recession and general despondency.  We have had some of our busiest days during this last week and we continue to greet new customers on a daily basis whilst enjoying the regular visits from our long-standing customers.


Not only do Woo (The Devil Makes Work) and I (Vintage to Victorian) contribute to the Dairy House blog, but now Trixie Hewlett (The Vintage Bothy) is our latest budding author. Hopefully this will mean more frequent blogposts!!!



  1. never mind all the antiques (albeit fab ones) I'll be over for the cakes...

  2. Sounds like a great idea. Hope it goes well tomorrow. Lizzie x