Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring is in the air.....

Wow!  What fantastic weather we have had this week.  Time to start thinking about the outdoors and perhaps giving your interior a bit of a spring makeover?  Put away the cosy blankets and replace with lovely linens in gorgeous pale colours!

Why not come and visit - we have lots of gorgeous things for inside and outside.

As well as that we have our 3rd Annual Vintage Textile and Costume Fair on Sunday 15th April.  As well as the usual dealers, who will be bringing in new stock and some delicious textiles, we will have some great visiting dealers with delicious fabrics and textiles, linens, cushions and all sorts of other goodies.

Look forward to seeing you!


  1. am packed and ready (but I've eaten my sandwiches...)!!
    see you 15th

  2. I will be there with lots of nice things for your lovely customers. See you soon. T x