Monday, 6 June 2011

Ever Onward ...

The last few weeks have flown by with the brisk sales in May continuing into June. The stock at Dairy House continues to impress and new items are brought in almost daily.

I wonder how many of you have watched the Antiques Road Trip series on BBC2? Another series is in the offing and Dairy House has been chosen as one of the shops in which to film. That is happening next month and should be an interesting day. As far as I know the presenters will be James Braxton and Thomas Plant.

The spell of good weather has meant that garden furniture, pots and other outdoor items have been selling well, and brown furniture is always a good seller for us, regardless of what the media would have us believe. A number of our regular trade buyers have visited from far and wide - the furthest on his regular buying trip from Tasmania.

Here are a few images from the DH archives. I hope to be able to add some new ones soon, but  hope you'll enjoy these in the meantime.


  1. nice images...I always enjoy looking at antiques and vintage

  2. Nice piccies Sue. Looking forward to meeting the presenters from the Antiques Road trip!! xx

  3. oooo can't wait to see the programme when it's made; its always fun seeing someone else's view of somewhere that you know so well.
    The pics you've shown here are all great- I love the chandeliers with the clock.

  4. How fun to have them filming at DH.....but they do try & drive a hard bargain so you better practice saying no!!


  5. he he that will be a trial for you, I have heard that they are a real pain, at least you haven't got the ones that think they are sooooo superior to the rest of us!

  6. I always love looking around Dairy House Antiques and I now have some lovely items in my home from there. Can't wait to see you on TV!