Saturday, 2 April 2011

Eight More Sleeps ...

Just eight more sleeps before the 2nd Annual Vintage Textiles & Costume Day @ Dairy House!

Sunday 10 April from 10 am to 4 pm

Do come if you can!

Not only have we spent the last few weeks planning for the Textile Day but we have also been playing "musical rooms" at Dairy House. A number of dealers have swapped rooms, thus confusing both our customers and ourselves, but the end result has been worth it. The main entrance has moved once again and is now via the double doors straight into the large main room. This has created a much better first impression and will also help considerably on the Textiles Day, hopefully avoiding some of the bottlenecks experienced last year.

The ten visiting dealers, in no particular order, are Loveday James, Donna Flower, Niki Fretwell, Helen Roskell, Chloe Cyphus, Caroline Bushell, Tamsyn Gregory, Tracey Hewlett, Justine Smith and Diana Marx. They will be joining 10-15 Dairy House dealers who will be 'in residence' on the day.

If last year is anything to go by there will be much fun and frivolity, laughter and merriment!

Do remember, though, that if you are thinking of visiting Dairy House to look for furniture or other antiques rather than textiles, these will be available for sale as normal.

We all look forward to seeing you.


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