Thursday, 28 October 2010

Salisbury Life ...

Salisbury Life is a monthly glossy magazine which "does exactly what it says on the tin" - inasmuch as it gives an idea of what's going on in the area. We are 25 miles from Salisbury and are well within the catchment area of the magazine. As a result, Dairy House Antiques (and Hossack and Gray who display their goodies in our Cheese Room) has been advertising in the magazine over the last few months and we have been rewarded with a wonderful double-page spread: a well-written article surrounded by plenty of photographs.

I'm never sure whether certain advertising is going to work for us, but I've been thrilled with the number of new customers who have come in over the last 2 or 3 weeks and told me they came after reading the article and seeing our ads. I think this one has worked!!

If you'd like to view you can find  Salisbury Life here. Flip to pp 44 and 45 (maybe stopping off at p 26 to see the ad).

We also have an advertisement in The Lady this week (the issue with Ann Widdicombe and Anton du Bueke on the front cover! I wonder if we will gain any new customers from that one!


  1. I have seen the Salisbury Life article & also though it was very good. Liz x

  2. I also thought the article was great, you won't be taking to the skies on Saturday as Ms W did last week will you????
    T X

  3. The Dairy House looks a fabulous place. I really hope to visit one day.x

  4. Congratulations, Sue! Hope new customers will arrive at your doorstep!
    Hubby and I managed to see Shaftesbury last month, but unfortunately no time at all to visit you! Hope we will one day.
    I posted some pics of Gold Hill and Dorset on my blog. We had meal at King Alfreds Kitchen. :)

  5. Hi Sue

    No, Flore Nurseries is still on the market - a mere £760,000!

  6. Hope I can visit the Dairy House Antiques and wanting to have one Salisbury Life magazine soon.

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