Friday, 26 March 2010

Vintage Textiles and Costume Day ... 11 April 2010 ...

The time has flown by since the first mention of our exciting new venture at Dairy House over 3 months ago.

Nearly all the postcards have been given out, advertisements have been placed in numerous publications, the bunting is made and  there appears to be quite a buzz in the world of vintage textiles. Customers are coming into Dairy House waving their cards, saying they'll be there on the day.
We have all fingers and toes crossed for a fine day so that all the visiting sellers will be happy under the veranda. If it rains the sellers will set up somewhere over the 3 floors of the building. Whatever the weather, several Dairy House dealers will be bringing in plenty of textiles and costume for you to browse through, which they'll be displaying within their areas. So, inside and out there will be plenty to see.

We 'kick off' at 10.00 am and will begin to flag at 4.00 pm. Normally all the other businesses on Semley Industrial Estate are closed, so there should be plenty of parking available. However, I would ask everyone to respect other business users (just in case) and park sensibly on both the Estate and Station Road - it's better to park on the opposide (railway) side of the road to avoid congestion. If the day is the success we feel it is going to be, we hope to make it a twice yearly event (provisional date for the next event is Sunday 26 September 2010), so obviously wish to keep all our neighbours happy!!

The above photos, taken from my files, are intended to give an indication of what will be available, and the items are not necessarily still available for sale.

For those in need of refreshment to aid the purchasing process, Guy and his Silver Coffee Machine will be on hand all day ... during the week he travels around the local business parks/industrial estates keeping us all amused and refreshed! He certainly sells the best cappuccino and hot chocolate ... and chocolate brownies ... and flapjacks ... and ... and ...

If lunch is required we will be happy to direct you to either The Beckford Arms or Pythouse Walled Garden. Both serve delicious food and are only a 10-15 minute drive away.

We're all getting very excited now and look forward to welcoming you all ...

Go here for details of who will be attending

If you're not sure where we are you can get directions from this Google map link, and should you need any further information please email me at I pick up my emails every evening.



  1. How the time has flown Sue! I have been squirreling around the dark recesses of my store every week sorting out delicious and delightful treasures for the BIG DAY. So as the date rushes nearer I will sadly have to do some serious culling...Cx

  2. Really looking forward to it Sue.. and also stashing new goodies to bring on the day! xx

  3. Sue
    That weekend will probably be mine and Michaels only holiday for the forseable future, I cant wait to get to the sea, to try the caf at Burton Bradstock, Bridport market & the finale Dairy House Textiles, what more could a girl want (oh and a Michael!).
    Good luck and don't stress too much.

  4. Hello Sue
    Happy belated Birthday! I really look forward to the 11th April, it will be a great day. Niki has told me of the wonderful selection of thngs you have there. I know I won't be coming back empty handed...
    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  5. Hi, Have a great day on Sunday! Wish I lived closer and then I'd be there like a shot:)
    Lesley X

  6. How lovely, I adore vintage textiles, they are my personal weakness. So wish I lived closer, who knows, one day a pilgrimage may be in order. Just discovered your blog and had to become a follower. Sea Witch

  7. Just found your blog ... and how happy I am that I did! Have been admiring your lovelies for ages on Flickr, and now I can see what your up to and read about it as well. Can't tell you how much I miss being in England ... on next return I'll be sure to come shopping!