Saturday, 13 February 2010

Up the Reds ...

Moira and I decided red was the colour to choose this month in view of Valentine's Day, although the photos have taken on a somewhat orange hue.

You'll appreciate that it is the same subject-matter in all these photos, but it wasn't easy to pick the best.

Once again we've tried to pick at least one item from each dealer.

There are numerous reddish pieces of furniture at Dairy House this week, including a red leather buttonback 2-seater sofa, a similar wing chair; a set of 6 balloon-back dining chairs with red upholstered seats and a couple more items which I'll hopefully photograph tomorrow and add to this post.

We're planning a green theme for the next photo shoot - hopefully to coincide with Spring ... the first green shoots and all that ...


  1. love the red theme! Happy Valentines Day! Liz x

  2. MMM I was hoping that Spring had already arrived !! Ha Ha!!
    Of to freezing cold Malvern next week, lets hope the sunshines like today, it has been beautiful!
    Tracey x

  3. Lovely to see you today and have a gossip!!Keep warm! x